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The team at Technical Matrix Services, TMS has been developing Maintenance, Inspection, Corrosion and RBI software products for over 30 years for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mining industry.

In those days, a computer cost a fortune and the graphics were minimal, how things have changed. In todays’ world, data integration of engineering information is a ‘business critical’ objective. We thrive in engineering data management.

We also quickly realised that to use any software tool, training was required and from there our business grew to include Training Courses and Engineering Consultancy Services.

Our services contain the full gambit of ‘Asset Integrity Management’. Now based in Perth, Western Australia – with resources available globally.

About us


We started in Aberdeen, Scotland in the late 80’s when our Technical Director was in involved with Oceaneering International and Solus Schall, and over the last 30 years we have covered projects across the globe. Not only supplying engineering software and training, but conducting Maintenance Builds, RBI Projects and full AIM’s integration studies.

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