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From the late 1980’s when we were asked to connect a ‘Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Data Logger’ to a computer using a ‘Psion mobile handheld computer’, so that thousands of UT Wall Thickness readings could be analysed on the wonderful Lotus 123 Spreadsheet, to today’s requirements of gathering everything from 100,000 Asset Tag items and ensuring all the data is in the CMMS system, we have watched the world of data technology explode.

The two fundamental processes for us has always been the same;

1. ‘Listen to your Clients requirements and objects’

2. ‘Understand the process before you start

We have designed and implemented systems for major operators around the world.

From major ‘Maintenance Asset Builds’ for JDE CMMS System for an Offshore Platform in Western Australia to ‘RBI Surveys’ in Indonesia. Offshore ‘inspection data management’ in Libya to ‘Storage Tanks Terminals’ in the United Kingdom. We have worked to assist the client in reaching their objectives – On time and on budget!

Our team consistsof multi-disciplined SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), and whilst many will be of the silver-surf contingent, we also have many bright young engineers to keep us on our toes.

For a full details list of historical projects and tasks, please do not hesitate to contact us.