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A robust Maintenance Integrity build is the corner stone for continuous asset performance improvement and operational excellence in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mining operations.

For operators that want to ensure optimized maintenance integrity build framework for green field or brown field projects, Technical Matrix Services offers a proven track record solution that is cost-effective and high-quality.

maintenance integrity


Based on our extensive history, our Maintenance Integrity Build solution delivers:

A fully defined Asset Register - complete with criticality assessments, preventive maintenance analysis, and bad-actor database; MatrixPlus©,

The System build - a full maintenance and integrity system build, of which include all your specific asset specifications and characteristics;

Spare Part Assessment – Ensure the correct levels of spare parts. Synchronization of master data eliminates surplus / shortage of bulk materials and critical spares procurement, thus lowering procurement costs.

Fast deployment – Project Time is expensive.

Maintenance Work Instructions

Performance Standards

Maintenance Strategies

Generic Maintenance Strategies

Standards and Procedures

Summary parts of the build include

Maintenance Documentation

RCM Circle RCM Cirle

Asset Register Integrity

Equipment Criticality Assessment

Reliability Centred Maintenance

Risk Base Inspection

Maintenance Planning Consolidation

Required Uploads to CMMS Systems