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TECHNICAL MATRIX SERVICES PTY LTD own well-established, ‘Asset Integrity Management System’ software application, MatrixPlus has been operating in a Microsoft windows environment for over 20 years.  Asset Integrity, Maintenance and RBI Inspection management, reporting and analysis are provided for a wide range of users with superb productivity, speed and power. Connecting seamlessly with the major CMMS systems.

From the developers of the Oceaneering WinCairs© systems, TSS-Matrix©, BarWeld©, IDAMS© and many other engineering technical software solutions.

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As personal computing gets more graphical for the user, engineers working in maintenance and inspection now have a new path to follow.

Their first step is to look at our MatrixPlus, ‘Asset Integrity Management System’.  MatrixPlus stores, validates, analyses, and manages all your important equipment data, maintenance, inspection results.

The second step is to look at the control that flexible planning gives you, together with the benefits of data validation on entry and on-line control of progress during and maintenance and inspection projects.

Then see the powerful reporting system which allows you to create reports at the click of a button.

MatrixPlus gives you a complete maintenance and inspection data management package that you develop as and when needed to give you the best tailored system for your needs.

MatrixPlus redefines asset integrity management software and allows you to run the Windows environment and enjoy all the ease of use and productivity benefits that Windows provides.

Global Advantages

Using MatrixPlus will revolutionise the way you spend time and money to maintain, inspect, repair and keep records for your assets and will align with your CMMS.

Custom Hierarchy Structured

Your MatrixPlus system is structured such that you will reflect your own, existing identification strategy for assets, components, plants and equipment.  The catalogue section, (Core Tree), stores all your tags and reference locations.  Icon menus shown on-screen display the identification and hierarchy paths from the highest level down to the individual asset with its related data.  You are always aware of your position within the system.

Drawings and Specifications

The catalogue also includes related drawings and specifications for easy, linked access from any position within the system, accessible at the click of an icon.  

Library Files

Data entry and all user input is validated against management generated libraries.  No more confusion on reporting terms.  This feature facilitates the use of the system by third parties and contractors who are then forced to work within your established input scheme.  

Preventative Maintenance

To get full value from an asset over its lifecycle, you need a common environment for managing the maintenance information from both capital and operational projects. MatrixPlus maintenance content management solution provides access to all project history and content and facilitates sharing of critical information between engineering and operations. Reliability-centred maintenance helps you increase production and minimize shutdowns.

RBI (Risk Based Inspection)

The MatrixPlus RBI module allows RBI analysis, process variables and materials of construction are considered to identify the type of damage that can lead to failure, the frequency of inspections that should take place, and appropriate and cost-effective inspection techniques. Assets with a high probability of failure and subsequent impact are given a higher priority for inspection than assets that are of low impact, allowing for a more rational application of inspection resources. Within the MatrixPlus custom built matrices can be created or use industry standards such as API 580/581.

Inspection Analysis

Engineering time is valuable and can be wasted going through hundreds of inspection results.  MatrixPlus does it for you, producing anomaly reports or analyses created from your own data searches.

Trend analysis graphs can be produced in seconds allowing rapid intelligent review and comparison of large quantities of data. These results can then be copied straight to your report.

Graphic Display

Full graphic display of maintenance and inspection results.  Pie Charts, line or bar charts.  Just create and paste to your report.

Photo Files

A picture can say a thousand words….MatrixPlus lets you store the latest photo of the asset linked directly to the relevant icon.  Just select the photo button to view the picture on screen.

CMMS (Centralised Maintenance Management System)

Our MatrixPlus is flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate all CMMS requirements and can implement maintenance builds which are fully compatible with most propriety maintenance software providers for example Maximo, JD Edwards and SAP.