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Unlike many service providers, we can implement your RBI program on any commercially available RBI software program or use our very own Asset Integrity Management Software, MatrixPlus, with its fully customizable RBI Module.  Our RBI services enables you to develop and store the best approach for your inspection activities using industry standard risk analysis. We offer;

Risk based inspection


in addition, we can assist in:

1. Identify the Asset Tags that require RBI within the Maintenance/Inspection Plan.

2. Calculate the specific Consequence of failure for each recognised Damage/Deterioration Mechanism of that Asset.

3. Assign a pre-defined Inspection Time Interval against an agreed Risk matrix.

4. Investigate all possible preventive measures, especially NDT (Non-destructive Testing), to reduce the ‘Likelihood of Failure’

5. Follow compliance against Client/Company standards and/or agreed Industry Standards such as API RP 580/581.

We follow the standard RBI analysis format;

Update and/or input to agreed RBI software or usage of our MatrixPlus system and ensure available scripting into most CMMS systems