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TRAINING management

RBI Interactive, on-the-job TRAINING IN LINE

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At Technical Matrix Services, we believe that training is a vital step in the process of ‘Asset Integrity Management’, whether it’s the software tools or the required skill sets to achieve the task objectives.

We run friendly interactive Risk Based Inspection (RBI) workshop, or MatrixPlus system training programmes.

The RBI course is a separate and an individual course  and persons attending do not need to have the MatrixPlus Software.

Introduction to MatrixPlus Training Course

This course ensures that the Users have a basic understanding of the MatrixPlus system, from the basic ‘Core Tree Hierachy’ level to entering RCM, RBI analysis 3 day course.

Risk Based Inspection Workshops

The course is primarily for beginners in the field of ‘Risk Based Inspection’.  It covers basic concepts and the various global standards being adopted, including API 580/581.

The courses are run either at a Clients’s site or close proximity.

An RBI Workshop is a team lead event (for both the client and the contractor), and once completed produces the baseline for the future inspection planning.  But this is not the final story, Risk Based Inspection is an approach that should be used on a day to day basis for the complete life cycle of all Asset Objects.  Our approach is to work with your team and improve the understanding of the impact that RBI can have on Asset reliability.

RBI Workshop Course

Working with an RBI Expert in the field of Risk Based Inspection using your data and equipment details during the workshop for greater understanding. Aiding realistic training on actual equipment items rather than idealised training examples.  Discussions through interactive assessments with the engineers.  The course is for 5 Days, and may be used as the study for certain equipment.

Course object and Overview

Please contact us for a full RBI Workshop Agenda